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Archi is a leading development company in Georgia.


17/08/2020 _ Other

6 Reasons To Buy An Apartment In Archi Isani’s Green Complex

Buying an apartment is one of the most serious decisions in our life. Apart from making an investment, buying a house brings comfort, safety, and a new style of living into our life. It is very important to find a development company that can offer us a well-equipped environment. Archi, a leading development company in Georgia, has been successfully operating for several years now. Look at 6 reasons to buy an apartment in one of Archi’s most interesting complexes named Archi Isani.


  • Multifunctional Residential Complex


It is extremely comfortable to live in a place that includes all the necessary venues. The Archi Isani complex brings together a hotel, school, kindergarten, and a shopping mall in one space. It is a great convenience living near the school and kindergarten especially for the parents. Thus, parents do not have to worry about their children’s safety or spend time on a road trip. Archi Isani consists of 5 blocks of flats with two of them already completed. These adjacent residential buildings will help future residents create relationships with their neighbors.


  • Recreational Area Exceeding 10 000 sq.m.


Green recreation areas are the precondition of a healthy lifestyle. All Archi projects offer recreation areas to their residents. Archi Isani yard is one of the most distinguished areas incorporating a playground, running trail, and a flower garden. As a result, the complex is a green and safe place for children and their parents.


  • Energy Efficient Construction


Similar to other projects by the company, Archi Wood is being built with high-quality construction materials such as German energy sufficient block Ytong. Fire resistance (4-hour fire protection), sound insulation, and energy efficiency (energy consumption reduction by 40%) are the main advantages of the Ytong block. Besides, the project incorporates metalloplastic windows and doors equipped with low-E glass. The low-E glass is energy efficient (thermal conduction reduction by 30%) and absorbs infrared and ultraviolet radiation. As a result, apartments are easier to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter, leaving you with lower utility bills. What’s more, Alucobond and Caparol face tiles as well as Heidelberg cement are being used in the construction.


  • Premium Frame


The majority of Archi projects are delivered to their owners with Premium Frame. Premium frames are an innovative product to make moving an easier process. The frame incorporates a self-leveling floor, an entrance iron door, Isogypsum plaster walls, ceramic granite balcony tiling, a heating system, and electrical wiring.


  • Flexible Payment Terms


Archi Isani apartments are available at affordable prices. All Archi projects are financed by foreign investments and as a result, Archi apartments are always delivered to its owners according to schedule. Besides, the customers are allowed to buy an apartment without an initial deposit.


  • Wider Choices


Consisting of multi-storey residential buildings, the Archi Isani complex offers homebuyers a wide choice of apartments starting at a minimum of 40 sq.m.


Finally, Archi Isani makes sure to create a safe and comfortable space for children and their parents in addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle.