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12/05/2020 _ Interior

Tips to Organize a Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in a house. What is more important, the organization of a bathroom reflects your personality. Since you get your morning vibes from the bathroom, the interior design of a bathroom should be well thought out. Our tips will help you organize a comfortable and beautiful bathroom.


  • Planning


The right organization of a bathroom will create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. The position of every little detail matters especially in a small bathroom. For example, one wall can be used only for a shower unit and another one for the toilet and sink. The bathroom organized that way will be more practical and comfortable.


  • Shower Unit


When it comes to buying a shower cabin, size matters. Remember that it should be installed against one wall. Modern showers are primarily made from large sheets of acrylic. They are relatively lightweight compared to enamel and metal showers. Besides, you can find enclosed as well as open shower cabins. To keep a shower cabin warm and humid, enclosed cabins are prioritized. The design of a shower unit should include shelves for soaps, shampoos, and other hygiene products. Shower cabins take up less space and are multifunctional. For example, you can listen to music and have fun while taking a shower.


  • Bathroom Sink


When you decide to buy a bathroom sink, first think about how many people will use them. Pick a wide one if there are more than 2 people living in a house. That way everyone will be able to perform daily procedures without getting in anyone’s way.


  • Floor


The bathroom floor should not be slippery and subject to water leakage. The most effective materials for bathroom flooring are stone or ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are waterproof, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Use non-slip versions of tiles to avoid physical damage.


  • Lighting


The right selection of lighting can do magic in a bathroom like in any other room. For example, ceiling lighting functions as a central light but is not evenly distributed over the space. It creates shadows to make certain tasks difficult such as doing makeup. To perform those tasks properly, install small lights around the mirror.


  • Colors


It is usually white color used for bathroom design. However, if you prefer to create a warmer and neutral atmosphere, use cream and you will never become bored with that color. Cream perfectly goes with light pink. As for other colors, blue will bring you peace and brown will create a modern atmosphere.


We start our morning in a bathroom and its design should reflect our preferences. Decorating a room starts with good planning. We will remind you that Archi offers its customers individual house plans tailored to their needs and desires.